Many parts work together to ensure your garage door’s seamless movement. Your garage door hinges are one of those parts. They are responsible for keeping the individual panels secure and in place. For this reason, keeping your garage door hinges in prime condition is essential. 

If they are broken or out of shape, your garage door movement will face issues or won’t move at all. In other words, the hinges are like the knees of the garage doors; their ability to work will affect your door’s functionality just as knees are essential to allowing you to walk and run. If you want to keep your garage door operable, check out some garage door hinge and bracket maintenance tips. 

4 Garage Door Hinge And Bracket Maintenance Tips 

Garage door hinge and bracket maintenance should never be overlooked, as it is just as vital as spring or track maintenance. Here are four tips for regular garage door hinge and bracket maintenance: 

1. Inspect The Hinges And Brackets 

The first and easiest garage door hinge and bracket maintenance tip to follow is to perform an inspection. You specifically want to look out for debris, wear, cracks, warping, signs of looseness, and/or signs of rust. What you find will determine whether or not you should adjust or replace the hinges. If debris and dirt buildup are the worst that you see, you can immediately proceed to the next step. 

2. Thoroughly Clean The Hinges

Following the inspection, you will need to thoroughly clean the hinges of your garage door. You will need a brush, a toothbrush, a rag or washcloth, standard soap or detergent, and water to clean them. First, you will use a standard brush or duster to remove large pieces of grime. The toothbrush will allow you to get dirt out of small crevices. Then, you will use the rag or washcloth to scrub the hinges with soap and water before rinsing and drying them. 

3. Lubricate The Hinges

Lubrication is one of, if not the most vital part of garage door hinge and bracket maintenance. You will need to ensure that your door is not connected to power so you can move the garage door slowly to an open position as you lubricate each hinge. In other words, you will clean the hinges as you lift up the door. You will specifically want to lubricate the part of the hinge that bends with either lithium grease or silicone spray. 

garage door hinge and bracket maintenance

4. Adjust And/Or Replace Hinges When Necessary

Finally, depending on the state of the hinges, you might need to adjust or replace them. The specific reasons to replace your hinges include loose hinges, cracked or bent metal, missing screws and bolts, and any surrounding damages. You might also need to replace the hinges if the rust is too overwhelming to be treated. Experts say that it’s important not to drill new holes for the hinges because that could end up leading to additional problems. 

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