Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Every part of your garage door system is important, and that includes your garage door springs. The springs allow your garage door to open and close safely every time. Of course, as you continue to use your garage door, your springs will weaken and need to be repaired or replaced. First, let’s talk about garage door spring repair. In order to know when you’ll require spring repair for your garage door, look out for the following signs: 

  • There are strange or loud noises coming from your garage every time it opens and closes. 
  • It takes longer than usual for your garage door to fully open or close. 
  • It has been more than six months since the last time your garage door springs were lubricated. 
  • The springs appear to be loose or lack tension. 

If you’ve noticed any of these things happening with your garage door springs, then it’s time to get them repaired. Although you might be tempted to save money by making spring care a DIY project, we urge you to leave that job to our technicians for your safety and the best long-term results. Spring repair services provided by our technicians include tightening and readjusting, lubricating, and making sure the springs are correctly installed.

Unfortunately, there will be times when springs are beyond the scope of repair and need to be replaced. If you’re wondering whether or not your garage door springs need to be replaced rather than repaired, keep your eyes open for these indications: 

  • The garage door springs are noticeably frayed. 
  • There is visible wear and tear on the springs. 
  • Your garage door won’t even open or close. 
  • Your garage door springs are about to suddenly snap. 

These are only a few signs that your springs need replacing rather than repairing. Luckily, our technicians also provide replacement services in addition to repairs for your garage door springs. Of course, where springs are concerned, there are two types found in a garage.

Extension Springs

The first type of garage door springs you should know about are extension springs. If your garage door springs run alongside the tracks on each side of the garage door, then those are extension springs. These springs operate by taking on the weight of the garage door as it opens and releasing the weight back onto the pulleys as it closes.

Torsion Springs 

Torsion springs are located right above the garage door and run across it. As a result, torsion springs operate by winding and unwinding as the garage door moves. Where torsion springs are concerned, it’s especially important to leave any services they require in the hands of a technician due to being far more heavy-duty than their extension counterparts. Even so, a torsion spring system is recommended for any garage door opening system due to its higher durability compared to extension springs. Nevertheless, whether your garage door runs on torsion or extension springs, we can work with either one easily. 

Preventative Care For Garage Door Springs 

While it’s great to know who to turn to when your garage door springs need the help of a professional, you should also stay informed about preventive maintenance tips for your garage door springs. The most important preventative care you can provide for your garage door springs is to lubricate them at least twice a year with silicone or lithium-based spray. With lubrication, your garage door springs will have no trouble operating. Contact us to schedule your garage door spring repair today!

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Garage Door Spring Repair

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