Garage Door Track Repair

Garage Door Track Repair

Your garage door wouldn’t be able to stay in place while in motion without the help of tracks. For this reason, ensuring that your garage door tracks are in working condition is absolutely essential. To help you keep track of your garage door tracks, pay attention to these signs: 

  • Your garage door is much noisier than usual. 
  • Your garage door tracks appear rusty, corroded, or generally dirty. 
  • Your garage door is shaky and or appears uneven when in motion. 
  • Your garage door is getting stuck during operation. 

If you’ve noticed one or more of these things happening to your garage door, the tracks need maintenance or repair as soon as possible. Let’s start with some maintenance tips that will keep your garage door tracks in excellent working order. 

Garage Door Track Maintenance 

The good news about maintaining your garage door tracks is that the maintenance requirements are straightforward. You don’t even need to be a garage door technician to uphold them. In fact, the main thing you can do to keep your tracks in shape is to clean them at least every three months so that you aren’t caught off guard by issues resulting from extensive debris built-up or rust. 

Unlike most garage door parts, your tracks should not be lubricated. That’s because lubricant will only make your garage door tracks more susceptible to dirt and debris build-up and might cause the rollers to get stuck. Experts recommend using a brake cleaner instead if there are any pieces of dirt or grime you’re having difficulty getting out of your tracks. Otherwise, clean your tracks by using standard soap and water with a rag until they’re nice and clean. 

Garage Door Track Repairs 

Maintenance can make a huge difference in the ability of your garage door tracks to function as needed, but sometimes we need additional help with repairs. The most common type of repair service your tracks will receive is realignment. Tracks can be misaligned when the hardware is damaged or any parts keeping them together are loose. 

That’s why you need to check that the hardware keeping the tracks together is nice and tight. If there is extensive damage to the hardware, you’ll need to reach out to a garage door technician about getting that part repaired or replaced. Putting off getting your tracks readjusted or realigned will only lead to further garage door problems that could ensue in property damage or severe injury to yourself or others. The moment you notice something off about your tracks, contact us so we can return your garage door to working order. Contact us to schedule your garage door track repair today!

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Garage Door Track Repair

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